With over 90 companies developing and commercializing new products and capabilities, the Pittsburgh region covers virtually the entire spectrum of Health IT. Such notables as M*Modal, Net Health, and TeleTracking are at the top of their respective fields; computation giants including IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have a regional presence as well. And because of Pittsburgh’s dual strengths in health care and IT, there are a host of Health IT new and emerging start-ups thriving throughout the region.

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Provider of a genomic data storage /precision medicine platform. The platform informs diagnosis and treatment decisions by assisting physicians on how to structure, store, harmonize and extract meaningful insights from combined clinical and genomic data sets.


Provider of business consulting and custom software engineering, specializing in custom application development, software intelligence solutions, and software customization and implementation services.

Accelero Health Partners

Provider of technology and consulting services to orthopedic and musculoskeletal healthcare providers. The platform is part of the Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions platform and includes a patient engagement tool, operating room workflow technology, and a therapy at home application.

Accion Labs

Provider of a range of corporate IT through engagement models such as professional staffing, turn-key/T&M/collaborative projects and offshore-leveraged projects/extended team models, enabling businesses to optimize their growth in an efficient manner.


Provider of a variety of clinical data management and billing services to hospitals, clinics, physician practices and maintaining medical records. Products include dictation solutions, transcription workflow, physician productivity and clinical data interoperability.

Advantage Consumer Healthcare

Operator of sales, marketing, and supply chain company. The company specializes in over-the-counter (OTC) switches, healthcare product launches and improving in-market performance of existing OTC healthcare brands.


Animotion provides affordable mobile technology for joint care, translating objective kinematic data into meaningful use. This provides more accurate diagnoses, individualized motivation for at-home treatment, and monitored assessment of effectiveness to reduce readmissions and improve quality of care.

Apollo Neuroscience

Developer of a mobile application designed to monitor and track body activities and alleviate stress. The application combines neuroscience, subsonic layered vibration with machine learning to naturally improve parasympathetic nervous systems activity.


Provider of IT services dedicated to developing business-optimizing solutions for clients across a wide range of verticals, specializing in healthcare. Offerings include cloud consulting and delivery, as well as managed IT services that address critical data security issues, HIPAA compliance and mobility.

Ariel Precision Medicine

Provider of precision medicine and decision support for treatment of complex chronic diseases. Their platform integrates patient’s genetic results and clinical history to provide context for understanding what is triggering symptoms; enabling early diagnosis, prognosis and targeted management.

Babel Health

Developer of an extract-transform-load data management platform. The software-as-a service platform provides an integrated suite of risk adjustment software tools for health plans.


Provider of a platform to predict and prevent addiction relapses using advanced wearable devices. The data stream software detects heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, motion and galvanic skin response, enabling customers to maintain sobriety before a relapse occurs.

Bellrock Intelligence

Developer of an enterprise intelligence platform that provides data analytics capabilities and insights that enhance the physician-patient relationship. It continuously learns from unstructured clinical and non-clinical data and allows non-disruptive technology advancements in tandem with legacy systems.

Better Body Image

Provider of technology designed to manage health and wellness. The company’s technology collects, stores, analyzes thousands of data points to create an exercise program customized based on the analyzed data, and through data analytics enables clients to see their changes over time.


Biomotivate is a Pittsburgh-based startup creating a motivation technology platform to predict and prevent problem behaviors, with an initial focus on addiction. We are utilizing a detection-intervention framework that is proactive, rather than reactive.


BlenderHouse is a software company that specializes in data-driven process improvement applications that advance healthcare quality and productivity.


Provider of robotics-inspired management services for the healthcare industry. The company’s Management Automation Platform models the hospital as resources and has been expanded from emergency room operations to now include patient flow, risk management, and cost management.


Developer of a platform for personalized breathing health analysis and training using a smartphone. The platform delivers customized breathing technique coaching for asthma, sleep apnea and COPD; and enables self-analysis of breathing behavior communication with peer patients.


Provider of a hub service platform intended to simplify access to specialty medications. The platform offers therapy management, patient access, inventory management, trade support, e-ordering as well as reporting and analytic.


Developer of a care management platform designed to facilitate caregiving of elderly people. The company’s platform uses a search and matching algorithm to find and connect families directly with quality care providers for various household services and personal care tasks.

Cassian Solutions

Developer of MediCase, a medication compliance solution that integrates a medication dispensing device with a smart phone. A personalized application reminds patients when to take their medications, and high-value behavioral data is shared on a secure server with the prescriber, pharmacy, or clinical investigator.


Provider of an application for managing health care license regulation and compliance. The company develops software that manages and tracks licenses, clearances, certifications, and continuing education credits for licensed professionals.


CenTrak improves healthcare operational workflow and the quality of patient care via the industry’s most robust and scalable Enterprise Location Services offering. CenTrak enables healthcare facilities to maximize the ROI from their Real-Time Location System (RTLS) platform.


Developer of tissue-based cancer diagnostic tests to quantify the complexity of the tissue system. The test uniquely analyzes whole-slide digital images with multiplexed fluorescence, providing physicians and patients with individualized, actionable information.

Chartis Group

Provider of advisory and analytics services to the healthcare industry. Specialties include virtual care, patient self-service, personalized care, connected solutions and automation of operations. Clients include payors, providers and public health departments.

Clinical Platform

Developer of educational resources about the diagnosis of, treatment options, and living with any type of cancer. The company’s products will extend the clinician’s reach beyond the walls of the hospital to continue educations, as well as giving patients improved access to clinical trials.

Computer Enterprises, Inc.

Provider of IT consulting and managed IT services including business intelligence and analysis, web development, Internet-of-Things development, application integration, UX/UI, application integration, cloud implementations and agile project management.

Concurrent EDA

Software security

Connexion Health

Connexion combines touchless biometric scans and a broad array of virtual AI assistant apps, all seamlessly linked to physicians and a portable health record for a streamlined, more connected healthcare experience.

Craneware Health Intelligence

Provider of automated revenue integrity solutions that improve financial performance for healthcare organizations. Solutions include charge capture and pricing; claims analysis; revenue recovery and retention; and cost analytics.

Curavi Health

Operator of a telemedicine and healthcare platform. The company offer customers specialized telemedicine equipment and software, as well as access to doctors who can assess elderly patients at night and on the weekends, when staffing at nursing homes is sparse.


Provider of a technology platform that interprets DNA data from crime scene evidence. The flagship TrueAllele technology resolves complex forensic evidence, providing accurate and objective DNA match statistics using advanced mathematics.


Provider of custom design and development services. Its multidisciplinary team of ethnographic researchers, industrial designers, interface designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software programmers, and human factors specialists brings better products to market.

Dbaza Health

Provider of a patient onboarding platform intended to manage chronic diseases. The platform combines chronic disease management, behavioral and learning sciences, and mobile technology to create digital therapies, enabling patients to overcome in multiple chronic conditions and live better.

Dermatologist OnCall

Provider of tele-dermatology services. The company’s platform connects patients to dermatologists online for skin care diagnoses and treatment plan. It also provides teledermatology technology for dermatology providers, practices and health systems.

E Meet Today (ePsychToday)

ePsychToday is a unique, cloud-based virtual office that is HIPAA secure with provider practice tools in one place. This remote Telemental health platform provides mental health professionals with a convenient, secure, affordable, and effective form of treatment for mental illness.

eCare Diary

Provider of an online community and cloud-based tool that helps caregivers manage long term care. The company provides the content, tools, and services that caregivers need to manage care more efficiently and with less stress.


Provider of dynamic electronic data collection and management solutions for the emergency medical field. Suite of products includes mobile access to web-based data collection applications for patient charting, as well as quality assurance, risk management and reimbursement support.

Engage Practice Solutions

Provider of data tools focusing on physician practice revenue and productivity. The company’s platform includes trending and monitoring of clinically-based metrics, comparison to peers, and predictive analytics to identify actionable opportunities for improvement.


Provider of healthcare information management services. The company provides database management, imaging, charting, claim management and scheduling services. It also offers clinical and billing review and claims negotiation services.


Clinical trial software


Provider of custom development, end‐to‐end solutions and consulting services including project management, research, analysis, design, technical consulting, architecture design, application development, integration services, and training.

General Electric Company

Multinational conglomerate corporation. The company’s offerings include products and services ranging from aircraft engines, power generation, water processing & security technology to medical imaging & business & consumer financing, media content and other industrial sectors.

Gradient Labs

Gradient Labs is an engineering and product development company focused on the healthcare sector.


Provider of a patient engagement platform for offering outpatient physical therapy. The platform leverages the neuroscience of habit formation and the mechanics of games to guide to guide patients through the formation of sustainable habits of self-care, facilitating client retention.

Health Fidelity

Provider of a clinical natural language processing platform for scalable risk adjustment. The platform offers analysis of clinical documentation to identify hidden risk factors, extract insights from medical charts, and transform risk adjustment processes into an integrated workflow.

Health Monitoring Systems

Developer of Software-as-a-Service analytic tools for government agencies and health care providers. The company offers EpiCenter, a surveillance system for public health agencies and health providers; and Mergence, an open source health care data integration engine.

Heart I/O

Developer of medical algorithms for use in cardiovascular diagnostics. Their platform offers detection and diagnosis of cardiac abnormalities using artificial intelligence.

HM Health Solutions

Provider of IT and other business solutions to payers. Solutions include care utilization management, claims management, and customer service management, as well as secure data hosting. Currently partnered with 13 health plans serving an aggregate 10 million members.

Human Motion Technologies

Developer of high-performance prostheses and exoskeletons. The company’s products include a robotic ankle-foot prothesis, an ankle exoskeleton, and standalone actuator units for prosthetic feet that are low weight, high torque, and have fast mechanical response, enabling patients to walk at a brisk pace.


Provider of information technology and consulting services including middleware for collaboration, cloud services, predictive analytics, software development and systems management. The Watson artificial intelligence platform has been leveraged to a wide range of health and medical applications.

Ideal Care Solutions

Developer of a web-based Software-as-a-Service platforms for population health management and patient engagement management that can be integrated with other technologies to give a comprehensive view of the patient.


Developer of human performance analytics that combine sensor and biometric data with scientifically-validated algorithms to manage injury, rehabilitation and performance. The prairi software platform provides comprehensive and actionable information to optimize physical readiness and resiliency.


A telepsychiatry company providing staffing to meet the national psychiatric shortage. InnovaTel partners with organizations to provide part-time or full-time clinicians to join teams virtually. 


Provider of a health data management and analytics platform for population health management and risk stratification. The platform integrates and validates disparate silos of benefit and risk data into a single, secure, cloud-based resource.

Insightin Health

Developer of a personalized preventative care platform intended to centralize member activities and improve engagement. The company’s platform utilizes artificial intelligence to create personalized preventative resources throughout the care lifecycle in order to increase patient engagement.


Provider of a cardiovascular stability monitoring and informatics system designed for hospital, outpatient and home settings. The CVInsight platform provides a real-time alternative to invasive approaches.

Iron Bridge

Provider of a cloud-based healthcare data exchange solution for interoperability. Its Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (Hi-PaaS) product connects to over 400 different Health IT systems, including laboratory and electronic health record systems.


Provider of speech recognition technology for field and industrial services. The technology integrates with existing fields service automation software and hardware allowing technicians and operators to interact with machines via voice commands.

LeanFM Technologies

Provider of software platform that uses artificial intelligence-enriched maintenance and building information to help hospital and other facility managers make data-driven decisions.

Level 3 EMR

Level 3 EMR helps healthcare clients implement technology solutions to increase effectiveness of managing medical records, practice management, billing and reduce audit risks by ensuring compliance. 


Provider of an education platform offering instruction in healthcare simulation. The platform uses augmented reality and automated instruction, enabling students and trainees to get more effective and affordable simulation-based healthcare education.


Provider of cloud-based speech and natural language understanding technology. The platform transforms voice into text data to capture the complete patient story and codifies the doctor’s narrative to automatically populate electronic health records and other key healthcare information systems.


Provider of solutions including directory management, call center operations, patient scheduling, electronic ordering, and patient referrals. Also provides implementation services and consulting services including breach remediation.

Medcom Solutions

Provider of consulting services and software solutions including hospital chargemaster management and review, pricing and compliance review. The chargemaster software interfaces with major EMR systems, and the compliance solution includes an extensive library of regulatory documents.


Provider of real-time clinical care software. The company’s application captures free-text notes, dictation and structured documentation entered into electronic medical records and analyzes that data against a growing library of content.


Creator of a mobile platform for consumer management of medications and vaccinations. The platform facilitates sharing of medication information and monitoring for side effects, and provides personalized coaching and access to curated educational materials.


Provider of an interactive communications platform for patient engagement. The company’s software leverages artificial intelligence, search and streaming media to provide inexpensive, interactive, personalized, and relevant communication support to patients.

Mental Health Metrics

Developer of software to predict when a person with mental illness may suffer a breakdown. The company’s predictive analytics platform uses interactive surveys, vital sign measurements, and statistical process management techniques to intervene in patient care before adverse events occur.


Developer, licensor and seller of computer software and hardware. The company’s products include operating systems, server applications for distributed computing environments, productivity applications, enterprise software and applications, desktop and server management tools, software development tools, and cloud services.


Provider of a platform for patient engagement and patient workflow management. For clinicians, the platform facilitates standardized care processes and care coordination; for patients, it increases transparency, provides insights into the care process, and simplifies communications with the care team.

Mobile Aspects

Provider of tracking and documentation solutions designed to help hospitals become safer and more efficient. The company’s products include endoscope tracking, surgical and implant tracking, and tissue tracking.


Provider of app-based medical services. The company utilizes qualified nurse practitioners and physicians and offers both video-based telemedicine and in-person house call services.

Net Health

Developer of software for specialized outpatient care. The company’s suite of software includes practice management tools, clinical workflow documentation, revenue cycle management and analytics for urgent care, wound care, rehabilitation, and employee health and wellness.

NewCare Solutions

Medical Staffing


Mobile and web apps for behavioral interventions, healthcare consumer products, and research data collection. We work with academic researchers and entrepreneurs, and lead product commercialization and SBIR/STTR-funded projects. Together, we discover, fund, build, test, and support software that matters!


Developer of a benchmarking engine based on artificial indolence that allows peer-to-peer comparisons and benchmarking within big data sets. Verticals that the company has applied the platform to include US hospitals and nursing homes.


Developer of custom software solutions including mobile applications, UI/UX design, virtual reality, Internet of Things, and full product integration. The company also provides IT staffing and strategic consulting.

Ovation Revenue Cycle Services

Provider of coding services to healthcare providers and select partners. The company through an online platform helps in managing overflow coding, staff shortages or outsourcing coding within the healthcare industry.


Provider of supply chain management solutions for the healthcare industry. The company offers software that incorporates cognitive analytics as Software-as-a-Service or as custom-built products.


Multi-national, diversified technology company that manufactures consumer electronics, healthcare products, appliances & equipment for healthcare, lighting and consumer well-being industries.


Developer of personal health record software for nutrition care. The company’s digital platform enables Registered Dieticians to securely and paperlessly manage patient health data and consent forms and deliver Medical Nutrition Therapy, Diabetes Self-Management Education and general health and wellness counseling.

Pivot Shift

The PIVOT application resides on an iPad, and will track and analyze knee motion to output quantitative information regarding translation of the knee. Physicians can obtain a better assessment of the necessary degree of surgery.


Posterior Probability of Diagnosis (PPOD) is a software package prototype that uses statistics to better inform diagnosis of mental and behavioral disorders.


Provider of a medical cost transparency platform. The company publishes charges and claim allowables which engages and helps guide consumers to low cost, in-network providers for commodity care including blood work, imaging and out-patient procedures.

Prescription Notifications Group

Developer of a platform for medication adherence. The platform delivers detailed medication reminders to patients, tracks their compliance, it also provides administrative access to professional and informal caregivers.


Developer of a cloud-based software designed to improve healthcare practices. The company’s platform analyzes enterprise-wide data compliance with best practices to reduce hospital acquired condition, such as infections, falls and other adverse events.

Quantitative Medicine

Developer of a computational biology platform for drug discovery. The algorithms predict the main effects of a drug on target molecules that mediate diseases, effects on other molecules or pathways in the body that could mediate adverse effects, and the interaction of these with underlying genetic variations.


Developer of a platform for measurement and monitoring of brain performance. The application consists of game-like modules that screen brain functions and establish a personal Brain Performance Profile.


Provider of a digital behavioral sleep health platform based on NIH- and DOD-sponsored research. The iRest application uses adaptive algorithms for home-based just-in-time assessment, clinical intervention, screening, evaluation and support for disorders including insomnia and sleep apnea.

Relief Band

FDA cleared non-invasive wrist band for the prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting.


Developer of healthcare technology platform designed to leverage ubiquitous mobile infrastructure. The platform offers medical and consumer health devices for comprehensive heart analysis for health examination, remote monitoring and management.


Developer of a software solution to help medical device companies effectively manage regulations by providing a platform to understand the regulations that affect product pipelines and portfolios.


Developer of a platform intended to improve nursing home resident and hospital patient safety. The platform updates the traditional nurse call system with wireless technologies and patient wearables.


Provider of custom mobile and web design and development services, emphasizing engagement, brand and identity design, user experience design and user interface design.

Root Health

Developer of a digital platform to collect and aggregate patient-reported outcomes in clinical trials. The platform uses personalized cognitive behavior therapy to increase compliance and integrates data from a variety of wearable and other medical devices.


With 200 million users worldwide, SAP is a market leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, database, analytics, intelligent technologies, and experience management.


Developer of custom software solutions including web-based and mobile applications. The company provides comprehensive design, build and consultation services to health IT companies and a wide range of additional verticals.

Schell Games

Developer of interactive games for clients that include UPMC, Pitt, Disney and Lucasfilms. To help doctors challenge their diagnostic heuristics, they helped create a game that places physicians in the shoes of an emergency medicine doctor who is faced with different critical care situations.

SCIO Health Analytics

Provider of health analytic services that offer insights in the areas of payment integrity, risk and care management, value-based benefit design, consumer engagement and consumer segmentation.

SDLC Partners

Provider of customized digital solutions for business process transformation, business automation, business intelligence, and enterprise agility. Services include design, application deveopment, testing and support.

Simcoach Games

Developer of educational video games designed to drive sustainable behavior change. The company’s products combine game design techniques with other proven principles that rncrease retention for learners and measurably improve defined outcomes.


Developer of interactive software for use by cancer biologists and clinicians to quantitate, interpret and visualize spatial intra-tumor heterogeneity in tumor tissue sample images. The company’s software helps reduce intra- and inter-observer variability in quantifying heterogeneity.

Strados Labs

Strados Labs is focused on making respiratory health less complex, easier to measure, and more readily monitored across the entire patient journey. 

Strategic Medicine (IPQ Analytics)

IPQ Analytics, LLC is an emerging life sciences and healthcare analytics business that helps customers assess knowledge gaps, identify missing information and compute quantifiable risk.

Summa Technologies

Developer of custom software solutions, including mobile, web, Internet of things, and cloud platforms. Also consultants in agile transformation and Salesforce implementation. Recently acquired by the IT consultancy CGI.

Tabula Pro

Developer of documentation software for long-term care facilities. The company’s software captures and manages resident care documentation, facilitating operations, resident census tracking, and regulatory compliance.

TeleTracking Technologies

Provider of patient inflow and healthcare operations management products intended to provide the timely and purposeful delivery of patient care. The company’s products and services provide real-time, enterprise-level visibility to patient care demand, patient throughput and clinical workflow productivity.


Developer of software tools for physician practices to maximize Medicare reimbursements. The company’s web-based platforms are designed for chronic care management and annual wellness visits.

Transplant Interface LLC

Developer of a platform to connect patients and family members to kidney transplant programs. The platform delivers data on every US transplant center, as well as educational materials about kidney transplantation.


Developer of a healthcare platform designed to change the way primary care, specialty care and hospital-based systems collaborate in closed-loop referral management. The company’s platform improves patient engagement through analytic measurement and electronic transfer of clinical data.


Developer of custom software products for healthcare, personal wellness, and other verticals. The company combines design, engineering and product development strategy using industry best practices.

Vertical Solutions

Provider of health data security services and solutions including cloud, end user protection, firewalls and data encryption. Additional services include system monitoring, help desk, and backup and disaster recovery.

Via Oncology

Developer of software to support oncology healthcare practices. The software includes a platform for clinical content, oncology decision support, reports of key metrics, communications materials, messages and strategies; as well as patient symptom triage and cost-of-care analyses.

Virtual OfficeWare

Provider of clinical and business software products. The company specializes in practice management software, electronic health record software, revenue cycle management and customized software applications development.

VIT Initiative

Developer of a cloud-enabled platform designed to reduce occupational risk, increase operational efficiency and boost safety compliance. The company’s Arc service provides real-time coaching while collecting data for leading indicators of on-the-job injuries..


Provider of managed IT services and technology support in areas including data backup and business continuity; cybersecurity; EMR selection, implementation and support; and HIPAA compliance.

Wellbridge Health

Provider of interactive patient-centered care management platform designed to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and avoidable emergency room visits. The platform provides daily remote patient monitoring, as well as on-demand and scheduled telehealth patient care services.



Clinical Data Management
Evidence-based definitions of patients to include in population health registries. Includes clinical data integration and warehousing, health information exchange, clinical content, electronic health records, and medication administration and order record.
Clinical Decision Support
Software applications that provides evidence-based clinical guidance to clinicians in decision making. These can be integrated or standalones. Includes: diagnosis assistance, lab and imaging results, patient risk profiling, and care planning and evaluation.
Outcomes, Quality & Risk Management
Includes predictive analytics, patient population stratification, patient condition monitoring, medication safety check, regulatory, and federal/state/international compliance.
Patient Relationship Management
Engaging patients and establishing a communication systems about their care. Includes: patient support engagement and education, communication management, smart scheduling and registration, and patient acquisition and retention.
Finance Management
Includes revenue optimization, financial analytics and performance analysis, financial risk management, budgeting, planning, cash flow monitoring, and financial reporting
Remote Patient Monitoring
Includes vital sign tracking, fitness/exercise tracking, activity tracking, dietary tracking, environment tracking, staff tracking, and tracking/monitoring devices.
Care Team Management
Inter-clinician communication and project management system. Includes care coordination, and patient referral management and systems.
Performance Improvement
Includes performance and outcome improvement, performance metrics and dashboards, performance benchmarking, patient workflow, and staff optimization.


User Interaction
Includes physician facing portal, patient facing portal,, augmented reality, virtual reality, semantic normalization of data, patient identity verification/record locator, patient information exchange, health imaging exchange, electronic referral management, and telehealth.
Mobile App
Applications and software that are compatible with mobile phones and tablets.
Artificial Intelligence
Includes machine learning, big data, natural language processing, speech recognition, document scanning and extraction systems, legacy and stand-alone systems data migration, interactive voice response systems/voice user interface, electronic data capture system, and bedside patient monitoring system.
Connection Facilitation
Includes telehealth, clinical content delivery, patient education, patient/provider communication tracking
Custom Development
Contracted creation of software. Can include design, prototyping, engineering, coding, debugging, installation, and/or maintenance
Includes cloud storage and services, HIPAA compliance support, clinical data repository, master patient index, clinical data warehouse, and vendor neutral archive (PACS).
Includes storage encryption, endpoint/mobile security, data encryption, network and communication security, malware protection, secure web/cloud encryption, EMR/EHR encryption, authentication, single sign-on, secure (remote) access, password management/protection, and consent management.

End User

Software applications that clinicians use during treatment. Includes medical specialties, clinics, subspecialties, and hospital departments.
Software applications for the administration and operations of the firm. Includes emergency dispatch management, non-emergency dispatch, billing, employee scheduling, record management, tracking, and data collection/management.
Software applications for consumers and patients to use. Includes elder care, telemedicine, monitoring tech, and wellness apps.